How to join a league on ALS

Step 1 - Register on ALS

You need a valid and activated account to use the ALS service.

If, during your registration, you do not find the validation email in your mailbox, remember to check in your spam if it is not there.

Step 2 - Access your profile

As soon as you have an account, you also have a profile.

This one can be consulted at this address

Step 3 - Your Game IDs

Depending on the league you want to join, there are conditions to fulfill.

For example, if you want to join a league on Assetto Corsa, you have to enter your steam ID beforehand


Step 4 - Apply to your league

Go to this page

  1. In chapter "Join a league", in the field "Search league" indicate all or part of the name of your league and validate with the key "enter"
  2. In the table below, should appear your league
  3. All you have to do is to launch your request by clicking on the "In" icon, a confirmation will be asked, validate.

You can check the status of your request in the chapter "Your request". This will be in the status "In progress".

Once an admin of your league has validated your request, your league will appear in the table in chapter "Your league" at the top of the page.

Full example in pictures

1 - I'm joining my profile, I'm already registered in the league "Inter-Team Assetto Corsa"


2 - I wish to join the league Raceroom-France


3 - I see that the Raceroom ID is requested, so I give it to the correct page


4 - I send my request, this one is waiting


5 - My application has been validated, league Raceroom-France is now listed in my leagues